Thompson Bros (Bilston) Ltd


This Memorial Plaque comes from the works canteen of Thompson Tankers, Bilston where Thomas Barrett V.C. worked before he enilsted in the South Staffordshire Regiment in January 1915. The memorial is now in the Staffordshire Regiment Museum, it was presented to the museum when the canteen was closed in 1987.
At the top of the plaque is a picture of Thomas and below it are enscribed the following words.

Private Thomas Barratt V.C. 7th S.Staffs Killed in Fance July 27th 1917.
This is erected to perpetuate the memory of the above by the Employees and Employers of
Thompson Bros (Bilston) Ltd.

There is also a Roll of Honour which records the names of the Thompson Employees who also served during the Great War.

Roll of Honour.

Pte T.Barratt
Pte D.Barratt 3rd S.Staffs
Pte B.Clarke  
Pte H.Townsend  
Pte J.T.Stanford  
Pte H.Bryan 5th S.Staffs
Pte A.Evans  
Pte I.Elwell  
Pte J.F.Walker  
Pte J.E.Gibbons  
Pte S.Blencow  
Pte A.Abotts  
Pte E.Dudley  
Pte S.Evans  
Pte T.Gill  
Pte E.Pearce  
Pte E.Marks 7th S.Staffs
Pte F.Ordidge  
Pte S.Horne 5th Warks
Pte J.Birch Sherwood F.
Pte H.Neale R.Berks
Pte E.Ward R.A.C.D.
Pte W.Fletcher RSF
Pte J.Haynes S.Staffs
Pte F.Lilley  
Pte C.Shelton R.A.M.C.
Pte G.Hale
Atp L.Armstrong R.N.
Pte H.T.Evans RMLI
Pte G.H.Wilcox 1st East Yorks
Cpl R.Watson RAF
LCpl T.H.Smith Leics Rgt
M.G. C.Thomas S.Staffs
Cpl W.Armstrong  
Sgt S.Wesson A.S.C.
Spr E.Crosse RND R.E.
S.Poutney R.E.
Gnr J.Webb R.F.A.
Gnr H.Parry  
Gnr W.Sheldon  
Dvr H.Humphries  
Dvr A.Nicholls  
Dvr T.Nicholls  
Dvr T.Lilley R.G.A.
Dvr J.Ward A.S.C.
Gnr R. Copeland R.G.A.
A.M W.Foster RAF
A.M. J. Leddington RAF