Old Intermedians War Memorial

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The War Memorial used to be displayed in the Adult Education Service in Old Hall Street. It was taken down when the building was refurbished and has not been put back as it did not "fit in" with it's surroundings.

Mr Newey in 1948 as a student attending the Intermediate School helped to design and build the memorial with a teacher and fellow pupils. Mr Newey campaigned to have the memorial put back in it's rightful place and succeeded in having the Memorial placed in the Civic Centre.

WW2 Roll of Honour


Staff member - Webster, Lemuel Arthur Lieutenant 237547
322 Bty., 132 (The Glamorgan Yeomanry) Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Born 29th September 1915 in Dudley son of Sydney and Elizabeth Webster; in 1939 they were living at 9 Beckminster Road, Wolverhampton and Lemuel was employed as a school teacher. Lemuel married Kathleen Mary West in December 1940 in Wolverhampton. On the 7th of June 1942 Lemuel was promoted from a cadet to 2nd Lieutenant
Killed in action 26th February 1943 aged 27.
V. F. 16. Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia.

Beebee, John Howard Private 14494831
2nd Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment
Born 1st June 1926 in Wolverhampton son of John Howard and Lilian Gertrude Beebee. In 1939 they were living at 395 Cannock Road, Wolverhampton along with John's older sisters Lilian and Joan.
The 2nd Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment's last significant action of the war came on 12th April, when it assaulted across the River Ijssel at Arnhem, John died of wounds received in this action 15th April 1945 aged 18.
2 E. 3. Uden War Cemetery, Noord-brabant, Netherlands.

Baker, John Flight Sergeant (Nav.) 1581241
21 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Born 20th October 1922 in Wolverhampton son of John Richard and Florrie Baker, in 1939 they were living at 3 Oxley Avenue, Wolverhampton, along with John's younger sister Winifred. John was employed as a pipe fitters mate for central heating.
Killed 2nd May 1945 along with the pilot Thomas Spensley when their Mosquito bomber serial no FBVI LR371 crashed at Gravesend, Kent when returning from a practice bombing flight.
Grave 613.
Bushbury (St. Mary) Churchyard, Wolverhampton.


Clarke, Eric Stanley Sergeant (Nav.) 1581727
578 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Eric was born July 1923 in Wolverhampton the third son of Albert Edward and Mabel Elizabeth Clarke.
Killed whilst flying 21 July 1944 aged 21.
Eric’s aircraft a Halifax III (LK834) took off 2256 20 July 1944 from Burn Yorkshire. On return to base in conditions of thick cloud and descending through 2000 feet collided with another Squadron Halifax (MZ696) of 578 Squadron over Balkhome 4-miles northeast of Goole, Yorkshire, when returning from a raid on Bottrop, Germany.

Davies, James Cyril Corporal 4914221
2nd (Airborne) Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment.
Son of Charles Alfred and Mary Ann Davies, of Park Village, Wolverhampton.
Died 9 July 1943 aged 26.
Panel 7. CASSINO MEMORIAL, Italy. 

Dunn Daniel John Craftsman 4619531
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
Daniel was born 4th January 1923 in Wolverhampton son of Daniel and Charlotte Dunn. In 1939 they were living at 26 Smestow Street, Springfields, Wolverhampton along with Daniel's maternal grandmother Sophia Cox.
Daniel was employed as a typewriter mechanic.
Daniel married Elizabeth Garwood March 1944 in Wolverhampton.
Daniel fell from a military motorcycle on a public highway while engaged in his military duties 23rd April 1944. He fractured his spine and severed his spinal cord.
Daniel died 30 December 1944 aged 21 in The County Hospital Orpington, Kent of septicaemia due to trophic ulceration of his back.
New ground. Row 35. Grave 39. Heath Town (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.

Gardner, Neville Pilot Officer (Nav.) 169214
107 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Neville was born April 1923 the eldest son of two of William Henry and Mabel Edith Ada Gardner, of Wightwick, Staffordshire. In 1939 Neville his parents and brother Geoffrey were living at Cambas-O-May Windmill Bank Wightwick.
Neville was killed in action 22 October 1943 when his aircraft a Boston IIIA BZ203 was shot down by flak near Veere, Holland during a raid on an aircraft factory at Courcelles, Belgium.
Row G. Grave 29.
Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Zealand, Netherlands.

Martin, Arthur Sergeant (Flt. Engr.) 1160427
153 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Arthur was born 26 July 1916 in Wolverhampton son of William James Martin and Florence Louisa Martin. He married Kathleen Emma Bayliss, of Wolverhampton March 1941 in Wolverhampton. The 1939 Register records Arthur living with his parents at 45 Powell Street Wolverhampton and employed as a Grocery shop manager.
He enlisted into the RAF at Cardington sometime after April 1940 and was appointed as a Class F Reservist - Airmen with no previous regular service experience.
Arthur was killed in action 21 February 1945 aged 28 when his aircraft Lancaster I NN785 was shot down by a night fighter at Hassilinghausen northeast of Wuppertal during a raid on Dortmund. Four of the crew survived and were captured.
4. E. 15. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Germany.

Moore, Richard Supply Assistant P/MX65553
H.M.S. Fiji, Royal Navy
Richard was born 10 December 1918 son of Charles Henry and Nancy Moore, of Wolverhampton. His father died December 1930. The 1939 Register records Richard and his mother living at 90 Leslie Road, Wolverhampton and he employed as a Clerk for the Local Government.
Richard was killed in action 23rd May 1941 aged 22 during the Battle for Crete when H.M.S. Fiji was sunk early in the battle on 22 May 1941 by German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter bombers. She was sunk while trying to rescue the survivors of the destroyer H.M.S Greyhound which had been sunk an hour earlier. The ship sank with the loss of 241 of her men. 523 crew members survived the sinking.
Panel 57, Column 3. Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Morris, Colin Percy Signalman 14406036
Royal Corps of Signals
Died 28th June 1944 aged 19
Son of Frank and Violet Ruby Morris, of Wolverhampton.
7. L. 7. Delhi War Cemetery.

Plummer, Walter Charles Serjeant 4916775 D C M
3rd Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment
Died 5th March 1945 aged 25
Son of Walter George and Gladys Winifred Plummer, of Wolverhampton.
46. C. 11. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

Richards Arthur J.

Pearce, Colin John Flight Sergeant (Nav.) 1815421
37 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Colin was born in June 1923 in Kington, Herefordshire son of John and Ida Mary Pearce. At the time of his death the family home was at 49 Beckminster Road, Wolverhampton Colin left £220 in his will to his father.
Colin was killed while flying in a Lancaster bomber serial number BVII NX690 19th September 1946 aged 23. The aircraft dived into the ground after being struck by lightning near Homs, Libya during a trooping flight in a 40 Sqdn aircraft.
13. A. 18. Tripoli War Cemetery.

Reddish, Kenneth Harry D. Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 1177700
142 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Kenneth was born 31st May 1921 in Wolverhampton son of Horace Duke and Nellie M. Reddish. In 1939 they were living at 32 Bickford Rd, Wolverhampton along with his older sister Iris;Kenneth was employed as a credit drapers clerk. Kenneth married Lily Sharples December 1941 in Bilston.
Killed in action 10th September 1942 aged 21. He took off from RAF Grimsby in a Wellington bomber serial number IV Z1477 at 20:30 hours 10th September 1942, the aircraft was lost during a raid on Dusseldorf.
4. A. 17. Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany.

Rew, Arthur Ernest Sergeant (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner) 1187995
466 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Born 31 December 1920 in Gower, Glamorgan son of Ernest Victor and Ada Rew. In 1939 they were living at 80 Woodfield Avenue, Wolverhampton along with Arthur's older brother John. Arthur was employed as a wire broadcasting wireman for electrical commercial signalling systems.
Arthur was killed in action 30th January 1943 aged 23. He took off at 11:06 hours from RAF Leconfield, Yorkshire in a Wellington bomber serial number HE397 in an attempt to raid Emden using cloud cover. The aircraft was shot down into the North Sea by an enemy fighter six miles north of Terschelling, Netherlands.
Panel 163. Runnymede Memorial.

Rickhuss, Thomas William Leading Stores Assistant D/MX 611570
H.M.S. "Lowestoft" Royal Navy
Born 24th June 1925 in Wolverhampton son of Harry Edward and Mabel Amelia Rickhuss. Thomas died aboard ship 4th December 1944 aged 19.
5. A. 11. Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery.

Roberts Sidney

Roeton, Dennis William Lance Corporal 2597835
4 Div. Sigs. Royal Corps of Signals.
Died 8th June 1944 aged 22.
Son of William Henry and Sarah Olive Roeton, of Wolverhampton.
II, F, 36. Rome War Cemetery, Italy.

Rowcliffe, David Sergeant (Nav.) 1579317
49 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Born in March 1923 in Tenbury Wells son of Gilbert Henry and Edith Emma Rowcliffe. David enlisted into the RAF in Birmingham sometime after June 1941. At the time of his death the family were living at 8 Croft Lane Low Hill, David left £127 to his father in his will.
David was killed in action 1st April 1944 aged 21. He was flying in a Lancaster bomber serial number JB314 which took off at 22:10 hours 30th March 1944 from RAF Fiskerton, Lincolnshire. The aircraft was shot down by a night-fighter outbound on a raid on Nuremberg crashing at Sankt Quotshausen three miles southwest of Dautphe, Germany. David died of his wounds, one crew member survived and was captured.
5. H. 12. Hanover War Cemetery.

Smith Harry

Smith Thomas W.W.

Taylor, Ernest Albert Driver 2321340
56th Div. Sigs. Royal Corps of Signals
Died 27th April 1945 aged 32.
Son of Albert Edward and Edith Nellie Taylor, of Wolverhampton; husband of Dorothy Taylor, of Wolverhampton.
IV. E. 12. Padua War Cemetery.

Waterhouse, Eric Thomas Private 14630083.
2/6th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment.
Died 8th July 1944 aged 20.
Son of Sidney Leonard and Esther Florence Waterhouse, of Coseley.
II. C. 4. Ranville War Cemetery.

Wilkes, Frank Charles Ordinary Seaman P/JX 298762
H.M.S. Vortigern Royal Navy.
Born 19th September 1922 in Wolverhampton son of Frank Henry and Lily Wilkes. In 1939 the family were living at 7 Bantock Avenue Wolverhampton, Frank was not yet employed.
Frank was killed in action 15th March 1942 aged 19 when H.M.S. Vortigern was sunk off Cromer whilst defending a coastal convoy against attack by E-boats. She was torpedoed by E-boat S104 and sank with the loss of 110 lives. Only 14 survivors were rescued, eleven bodies were recovered from the sea by the Cromer lifeboat H F Bailey III, sadly Frank's wasn't one of them.
Panel 66, Column 2. Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Woan, Albert Richard Air Mechanic 1st Class FAA/SFX. 37.
H.M.S. Illustrious Royal Navy.
Albert was born 19th February 1920 in Wolverhampton son of Richard and Ruth A. Woan.
On 7 January 1941, H.M.S. Illustrious set sail to provide air cover for convoys to Piraeus, Greece, and Malta as part of Operation Excess. During the morning of 10th January, 24–36 Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers attacked Illustrious, the ship was hit six times in this attack, one of which penetrated the un-armoured aft lift and detonated beneath it, destroying it and the surrounding structure. One bomb struck and destroyed the starboard forward anti-aircraft gun mount, while another passed through the forward anti-aircraft gun mount and failed to detonate, although it did start a fire. One bomb penetrated the outer edge of the forward port flight deck and detonated about ten feet above the water, riddling the adjacent hull structure with holes which caused flooding in some compartments and starting a fire. The most damaging hit was a large bomb that penetrated through the deck armour forward of the aft lift and detonated ten feet above the hangar deck.
Another attack by 13 Ju 87s at 13:20 hit the ship once more in the aft lift well, which knocked out her steering and reduced her speed to 17 mph. The ship steering only by using her engines, was attacked several more times before she entered the Grand Harbour, Malta at 21:04, still on fire. The attacks killed 126 officers and men and wound