St.Chad and St.Mark Church War Memorials

The Memorial is situated within the Church, Lime Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0EX

St. Chad and St. Mark Church War Memorials.

St. Chad and St. Mark Church War Memorials.

World War 1 Roll of Honour

6th Bn. attd 10th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
Died of Wounds 30th May 1918
146th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery
Born and enlisted at Wolverhampton
Son of Thomas and Mary Beavon, of Wolverhampton;
husband of Elizabeth Mary Beavon, of
17 Cardiff St., Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 29th October 1917.
Grave Reference: I. I. 53.
BEAVON, JOHN LEONARD Second Lieutenant
26th (Tyneside Irish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers.
Killed in Action 1st July 1916
Pier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B.
1st Bn South Staffordshire Regiment.
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 14th July 1916.
Pier and Face 7B.
BISHOP, RAYMOND Private 25046
1st/7th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Born Quinton, enlisted at Birmingham, resident in Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 27th August 1917 age 22.
Son of George and Jane Bishop, of 36, Burleigh Rd., Wolverhampton.
Panel 23 to 28 and 163A.
BOSWELL ALFRED W. Private 21357
1st Bn Worcestershire Regiment
Born Hereford, enlisted and resident in Wolverhampton.
Son of Riley and Eliza Boswell of Millbrook St. Hereford; husband of Florence Gertrude Boswell, of 111, Lime St., Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 18th May 1915.
Panel 17and 18.
BOWEN, WILLIAM Rifleman R/13330
10th Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 9th June 1916
Grave Reference R. 2.
15th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
Died 20 November 1917 age 20.
Son of Albert and Mary Gertrude Bowyer,
of The Minster, Beckminster, Wolverhampton.
Grave Reference E. 51.
1st/5th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
Killed in Action 4th October 1917
Grave Reference V. H. 2.
BUNT, THOMAS AVERY Company Quartermaster
Serjeant 240639
1st/6th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment.
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Son of Richard and Charlotte Bunt, of Wolverhampton;
husband of Annie Bunt, of 15, Penn St., Wolverhampton.
Died 2nd May 1918 age 25.
Grave Reference IX. D. 21.
Burton J.E.
Cartwright J.E.
CHALENOR, ERNEST Gunner 119548
31st Bty. 35th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Died 19th July 1916.
Grave Reference: II. D. 31.
CLARK, WILLIAM Private 25342
1st Bn. Grenadier Guards.
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Son of George and Agnes Clark, of 1 House, 23 Block, Thompson Avenue, Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 1st December 1917.
Motor Ambulance, Army Service Corps.
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton, resident at Newburn.
Son of Annie Clifton, of 90, Owen Rd., Wolverhampton, and the late Leonard Clifton; husband of Margaret Alice Clifton, of 18, North View, North Wallbottle, Newburn, Northumberland.
Died 18th October 1918 age 26.
Grave Reference XVIA. C. 4.
Collins F.H.
Cooper, Harry Leslie Private M2/078006.
Royal Army Service Corps.
Born in Stourbridge, enlisted and resident in Wolverhampton.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Cooper, of 23, Manlove St., Wolverhampton.
Died 8th April 1917.
Grave Reference XIX. F. 3..
Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez.
Davies Christopher John Acting Bombardier 80020
"D" Bty. 94th Bde. Royal Field Artillery.
Born Pontypool, enlisted and resident in Wolverhampton.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Davies, of 9, Dalton St.,
Killed in Action 4th October 1917.
Grave Reference III. C. 22.
La Clytte Military Cemetery.
Day Edward Private 5930
2nd Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment.
Born, enlisted and resident in Wolverhampton.
Husband of Beatrice Leah Day, of 29, Camp St., Wolverhampton.
Died of Wounds age 32.
Grave Reference C. 29.
Penn Fields (St. Philip) Churchyard.
Easterbrook F.J.
Evans C.
Evans E.
Falconbridge H.
Fletcher W.
Forrester S.
Gorton S.J.
Hadfield A.J.
Hitchman H.
Hollin A. (or Hollis)
Hughes A.
Hughes A.E.

HUGHES Charles Henry Private 241135
7th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 25th April 1918 age 19.
Grave reference III. C. 5.
HUGHES Charles Serjeant 790
1/6th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment.
Born in Wolverhampton, enlisted at Willenhall.
Killed in Action 13th October 1915 age 40
Panel 73 to 76.

Hughes T.

Jeffries L.
JUSTICE, CHARLES JOSEPH Lance Corporal 29609
14th Bn. Highland Light Infantry.
Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.
Son of Thomas H. and Mary Jane Justice, of 143, Lea Rd., Wolverhampton.
Died of Wounds 26th April 1917
Grave Reference II. E. 7.
LOVESEY L. Private 545927
2nd (London) Sanitary Section, attached to 54th Division Sanitary Section.
Born in Penn Wolverhampton.
Son of Leonard and Elizabeth Lovesey, of 2, Manlove St., Wolverhampton.
Died 13th July 1919.
Grave Reference:  B. 156.
MARTIN Sidney Bert Private 59213
16th Bn Manchester Regiment
Born and enlisted  in Wolverhampton
Son of William and Agnes Martin, of 157, Owen Rd., Wolverhampton.
Killed in Action 21st March 1918 age 20.
Panel 64 to 67.
May J.E.
Monington A.
Morris W.
Mountford H.W.
Nokes W.H.
Pollard S.
Powell A.
Powell H.W.
Price J.
Reynolds G.
Rhoden J.
Rooker H.
Sadler C.B.
Sanderson P.
Shaw P.
Shaw F.A.
Simpson A.W.
Smith H.
Sutton B.
Tibbetts J.E.
Tibbetts S.
Tunstall J.W.H.
Trevitt E.
Turner J.
Turner W.
Wadams G.H.
Walter TH.
Walters H.
Walters J.
Walton F.M.
Warboys A.E.
Ward H.
Wilkes N.B.
Williams F.


World War 2 Roll of Honour

Akers, Dennis Belmont Corporal 4917702
2nd Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment.
William was born 1st January 1919 in Wolverhampton son of George and Lilian Akers. In 1922 they were living at 205, Merridale Street, Wolverhampton along with Dennis' older brother George.
By 1939 Dennis was living with his parents at 123 Bruford Road, Penn Fields, Wolverhampton; Dennis was employed as a brass fitter and turner.
Killed in action 7th July 1944 aged 25.
IV. J. 3. Hottot-les-bagues War Cemetery, France.

Allen, Francis Herbert - unable to identify him.

Bate William Henry Private 4036199
4th Bn. King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.
William was born 13th March 1917 son of William Henry and Annie Bate. In 1939 they were living at 54 Bristol Street, Wolverhampton along with William's elder sisters Frances and Doris.
William was employed as a food distributors assistant. William joined the Army 17th January 1940.
Killed in action 30th June 1944 aged 26 during operation Epsom, a British offensive between 26th and 30th June, during the Battle of Normandy. The offensive was intended to outflank and seize the German occupied city of Caen.
XI. A. 4. Banneville-la-campagne War Cemetery, France.

Clare Howard Gunner 859042
238 Battery, 77 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
Howard was born 27th October 1918 in Wolverhampton son of William and Bertha Clare of 72 Jeffcock Road Wolverhampton
Howard was captured in Java 8th March 1942.
Died whilst a prisoner of war of beriberi 11th October 1944 aged 25, he left £355 to his mother in his will.
4. J. 5. Jakarta War Cemetery, Indonesia.

Clarke, Eric Stanley Sergeant (Nav.) 1581727
578 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Eric was born July 1923 in Wolverhampton the third son of Albert Edward and Mabel Elizabeth Clarke.
Killed whilst flying 21 July 1944 aged 21.
Eric’s aircraft a Halifax III (LK834) took off 2256 20 July 1944 from Burn Yorkshire. On return to base in conditions of thick cloud and descending through 2000 feet collided with another Squadron Halifax (MZ696) of 578 Squadron over Balkhome 4-miles northeast of Goole, Yorkshire, when returning from a raid on Bottrop, Germany.
Grave 46. Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery.

Cole, Cyril Ernest Guardsman 2734418
1st Bn. Welsh Guards.
Cyril was born in March 1919 in Wolverhampton son of Ernest and Emma Gertrude Cole who in 1939 were living at 30 Norfolk Road, Wolverhampton along with their daughters and Cyril's younger sisters Edna, Ivy and Audrey.
Cyril married Glenys Elvira Jones October 1941 in Wolverhampton.
He died 8th August 1944 aged 25 of wounds received 4th August 1944 in the Battalion's attack to take the hamlet of Le Pont Esnault and the town of Montchamp, Normandy. The attack was successful but sadly three officers and thirty-three other ranks were killed and seventy-eight men were wounded in this attack.
XXVI. E. 9. Bayeux War Cemetery, France.

Dennis Franklyn Gordon - served with 6th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment and survived the War.   

Dennis, William Cliford Lance Corporal 4928439
2/6th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
William was born 7th July 1922 in Wolverhampton son of John William and Sarah Dennis.
In 1939 Dennis was living at 106 Bruford Road, Wolverhampton with his mother and older sister Clarice and younger sister Veronica. His father was living at 3 Legge street with William’s older brother Franklin. Dennis was employed as a drilling machinist.
The 2/6th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment was part of the 59th Division. This Division was part of the follow up force in the 1944 Normandy campaign. The Staffords crossed the Channel in late June and by the 1st July had moved to the front-line facing Caen. The city was fiercely defended and earlier attempts to outflank it had been frustrated by continued German counter attacks. General Montgomery had, therefore, decided on a frontal attack preceded by heavy aerial bombardment.
On the 8th July, the 2/6th as part of the 197th brigade was ordered to attack and take Galamanche a small French hamlet.
Just before dawn a barrage was brought down on the German frontline in support of the 2/6th by the 241st Battery (Stafford Battery), Royal Artillery which the troops followed. Galamanche was defended by the 12th S.S. Panzer Division fighting fanatically. The 2/6th found that the supporting artillery was having little effect on the hidden German trenches, machine gun and mortar positions. The British barrage continued but the attack was halted, the 2/6th lay in the crops being assaulted by accurate mortar fire with any attempt to move being answered by accurate German machine gun fire; casualties were heavy, there they remained until relieved later in the day having lost half its officers and 200 men, William being one of them.
Killed in action 8th July 1944 aged 22.
Row D. 11. Cambes-en-plaine War Cemetery, France.

Draper Gordon William Sergeant 1164769
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Gordon was born 17th January 1912 in West Bromwich son of William and Kate Draper; he married Irene Payne December 1935 in Wolverhampton. Gordon and Irene had a daughter Valerie born in 1937.
In the 1939 register Irene and Valerie were living at 262 Coleman Street, Wolverhampton with Irene's parents and Gordon was living at 49 Austin Street Birmingham and employed as assurance agent. Irene may well have been visiting her parents the day the Register was taken. The Birmingham electoral register for 1939 has Gordon and Irene living in Birmingham and Valerie was born in Birmingham.
Gordon enlisted at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire sometime after April 1940.
Killed in action 12th August 1942 when the Wellington Bomber W5565, of No1 Oversees Air Dispatch Unit in which Gordon was flying from Gibraltar to Bathurst, Australia ditched off French West Africa after being attacked by French fighters. The aircraft was shot down by Commandant Louis Delfino serving with a Vichy French Unit flying out of Dakar, Vichy West Africa. Four of the six crew survived the crash and were interned.
Panel 82. Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom.

Evans, Noel Flying Officer (Navigator) 179138
254 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Noel was born in March 1914 in Wolverhampton son of Evan and Lucy Evans. He married Alice Maud Gough in March 1938 in Wolverhampton, by 1939 they were living at 32 Chetwynd Road, Wolverhampton.
Noel was appointed a Flight Sergeant 20th June 1944 and a Flying Officer 20th December 1944.
Killed in action 17th January 1945 aged 31, a group of Beaufighters attacked German ships at the port of Den Helder, two Beaufighter's including Noel's continued inland to attack a water tower at Wieringerwaard as the Germans used them as observation posts. Unfortunately, during the attack as each Beaufighter passed the opposite flanks of the tower, they collided and crashed, killing both crews.
Grave 352. Wieringerwaard General Cemetery, Netherlands.
When Alice died in 2003, aged 93, her ashes were buried with Noel, her last request.

Fletcher, Reginald Rifleman 14565694
9th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).
Reginald was born in March 1925 in Wolverhampton son of Thomas and Florence Fletcher. In 1939 they were living at 59 Burleigh Road, Wolverhampton along with Reginald's older brother John.
Reginald was killed in action 7th September 1944 aged 19. His battalion arrived in Autryve, Belgium at 2.30am and at 8.30am they were ordered to take up position in Avelghem. Thier task was to clear the main axis north of Avelghem. By 1.10pm A and C Companys had moved to the area but had to wait for B and D Companys to arrive. Shortly before they arrived C Company tried to put a forward patrol into the houses 200 yards to their front and in doing so ran into crossfire from German machine guns. They had fairly heavy casualties and wounded in this attack, sadly Reginald being one of them.
VII. D. 9. Leopoldsburg War Cemetery, Belgium.

Frazer John James Civilian
Born in Coventry in December 1909 son of Henry and Amelia Frazer; in 1911 they were living at 208 Widdrington Road Coventry. By 1921 they had moved to 98, Rayleigh Road, Wolverhampton and were joined by younger siblings Margaret and Elsie.
John attended the Wolverhampton Municipal Secondary School 1921-24.
In September 1936 John married Vera Chiltern in Wolverhampton, at some point they moved to 231 Tithe Farm Court, Alexandra Avenue, South Harrow, Middlesex.
John was a member of the Home Guard and helped in defence duties during air-raids on London during 1940. He was assistant Manager of Brick, Croft and granite Co. and a football referee of First Division matches. He was killed while at work in his office, 15 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, during an air-raid, 11th November, 1940 aged 31.
Civilian Roll of Honour Section City Of Westminster.

Hickman, Tom Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr) 1236171
149 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Tom was born 3rd November 1921 in Wolverhampton son of William and Ethel Annie Hickman. In 1939 they were living at 11 Oxbarn Avenue, Wolverhampton along with Tom's two older brothers Raymond and Donald and younger brother Philip. Tom was employed as a clerk for a gas company.
Tom enlisted at RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire sometime after April 1940. His mother died 1st May 1940.
Killed in action 29th August 1942. The Stirling bomber N6081 in which Tom was flying took off at 20:58 hours from RAF Lakenheath, Sufolk.
The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter flown by Lt. Ludwig Meister of NJG4 and crashed at Airlenbach in Den Odenwalke near Mannheim during a raid on Nuremberg, two crew survived and were captured.
Coll. grave 2. D. 20-22. Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany.

Hodgson, Ronald Ernest Gunner 1081041
25 Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Ronald was born 4th October 1914 in Wolverhampton son of Edwin and Sarah Ann Hodgson. In 1939 Ronald was living at 153 Owen Road along with his mother, his three older sisters Francis, Winnie and Annie and younger siblings Norah and Stanley. Ronald was employed as a carpenter.
Died of wounds 4th August 1944 aged 29.
XII. D. 14. Hottot-les-bagues War Cemetery, France.

Horace John Morris Flying Officer 47081
295 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
John was born in 1913 in West Bromwich son of Thomas and Mary Morris, at the time of his death he was living at 16a Coalway road. He left £473 12 shillings 8 pence to his father in his will.
Horace was killed 28th April 1944 aged 30 whilst flying in an Albemarle, serial number V1770 a British twin-engine transport aircraft of No 295 Sqn, which collided with another Albemarle, serial number V1613 of the same unit near Welford Berkshire during a container dropping and night map reading exercise.
Sec. K. Grave 233-234. Penn Fields (St. Philip) Churchyard.

Martin, Reginald George Lance Corporal S/110755
Royal Army Service Corps.
Reginald was born in June 1917 in Wolverhampton son of Arthur and Florence Martin. In 1921 they were living at 34, Clark Road, Wolverhampton with his older sister Frances, and younger siblings Arthur and Edith.
Reginald's father was a Police Sergeant.
By 1939 his parents were living at 53 Lonsdale Road, Wolverhampton along with Frances, Edith, and new member of the family Mary.
Martin died 20th November 1940 of either illness or accident aged 23.
Block F. Grave 22. Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery, South Africa.

Morey Geoffrey*    

Morey, Harold Gunner 14078351
501 Bty., 145 H.A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery
Harold was born December 1927 in Wolverhampton son of Harold and Clara May Morey. In 1939 they were living along with Harold's older sister Ruby at 32 St Annes Road, Wolverhampton.
At the time of his death Harold’s home address was 103 Lime Street Wolverhampton.
Accidentally killed aged 18 by an explosion of a landmine on Weybourne foreshore 3rd June 1946 at North Walsham, Norfolk.
Grave 78. Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery.

Newey Norman Lance Corporal 5254177
2nd Bn Worcestershire Regiment.
Born 17th September 1919 in Wolverhampton son of John and Fanny Mary Newey. In 1939 they were living at 12 Tudor Crescent, Rookery Lane Wolverhampton along with Norman's older siblings Bertram and Phyllis. Norman was employed as an apprentice carpenter and joiner. Norman married Dorothy Wilkes March 1942 in Wolverhampton.
Killed in action 26th February 1945 aged 25.
25. D. 9. Taukkyan War Cemetery, Burma.

Prince Walter Kenneth Lieutenant 269594
84 Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Artillery, attached to 1/4th Bn. Hampshire Regiment.
Born June 1915 in Wolverhampton son of George and Clara Prince, in 1921 they were living at 2, Cardiff Street, Wolverhampton. Also living with them were Walter's older siblings Albert, Victor, Elsie and Hilda, their father was employed as a Law Clerk.
Walter married Stella Towner in September 1941 in Wolverhampton. He was appointed Second Lieutenant 7th March 1943
Killed in action 16th September 1944 aged 29.
II, E, 29. Gradara War Cemetery, Italy.

Shore Edward William Horton Serjeant 973734
185 Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Born April 1913 in Wolverhampton son of Edward Theodore and Agnes Mary Shore, of Wolverhampton. In 1921 they were living at 85, Owen Road, Wolverhampton along with Edward's older sisters Elsie and Lilian.
Edward attended Wolverhampton Municipal Secondary School as he is remembered on the schools memorial.
Edward married Mary Elizabeth Colclough March 1941 in Bilston.
Killed in action 29th July 1944 aged 31.
III. E. 4. Ranville War Cemetery, Normandy, France.

Smith, Cyril Edward Sergeant 1202361
15 Sqdn Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Born 30th October 1911 in Wolverhampton son of Benjamin and Mary Smith; he married Ivy North in December 1938 in Wolverhampton. In 1939 Cyril and Ivy were living with Ivy's mother at her house 67 Bruford Road, Wolverhampton, Cyril was employed as a builders foreman. Cyril and Ivy had a son Cyril born March 1940.
Killed in action 21st January 1944 aged 33. Cyril was the flight engineer on Lancaster bomber W4852 of 15 Squadron which flew out of Mildenhall Suffolk at 20:20hrs, the aircraft crashed at Wormlitz ten miles north east of the target during a raid on Magdeburg.
Panel 238. Runnymede Memorial.

Stocking Peter Lieutenant 264663
Manchester Regiment
Peter was born 28th April 1923 in Wolverhampton son of William and Nellie Stocking, in 1939 they were living at 76 'Rindelford' Richmond Road, Wolverhampton along with Peter's younger siblings Patricia and William
Killed in action 8th October 1944 aged 21.
II, H, 2. Assisi War Cemetery, Italy.

Sweet Kenneth William Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) P/JX 234587
HMS President III (lost in SS Empire Wagtail). Royal Navy.
Kenneth was born 23 October 1921 in Wolverhampton son of William Alfred and Florence Ida Sweet.
Killed in action 28th December 1942 aged 21 when at 22.36 hours U260 fired torpedoes at convoy ONS-54 about 900 miles west of Cape Finisterre sinking one ship the Empire Wagtail.
The ships master, 35 crew members and eight gunners Kenneth being one of them were lost.
Panel 65, Column 1. Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Turton Frederick Peter Sergeant (Observer) 937811
405 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Frederick was born 5th October 1914 in Wolverhampton son of Frederic R. and Constance M. Turton. In 1939 they were living at 9 Meadow Road, Finchfield, Wolverhampton along with Frederick's older brother Dennis. Frederick was employed as a clerk auctioneer surveyor; his father was a medical practitioner.
Killed while flying 18th September 1941 aged 26 when his Wellington bomber W5492 crashed at Northfield farm near Pocklington, Yorkshire when the aircraft's dinghy broke loose and fouled the tailplane during an air test. All eight of the crew were lost.

Walsh John Albert Corporal 2351680
7th Armd. Bde. Sigs. Royal Corps of Signals.
John was born 24th April 1914 in Wolverhampton son of Thomas Bernard and Gertrude Teresa Walsh. In 1921 they were living at 121 Owen Road, Wolverhampton along with John's younger brother Thomas and their maternal grandmother Maria Hill.
John married Victoria Ivy Faulkner B.Sc. September 1939 in Wolverhampton. They lived at 55 Birches Barn Avenue and John was employed as an elementary schoolmaster.
John died 11th May 1943 aged 29.
C. B. 14. Khayat Beach War Cemetery Israel and Palestine (including Gaza).

Wycherley Ian Allastair Private 14409732
1st Bn. The Herefordshire Regiment.
Born September 1924 in Wolverhampton son of George and Katherine Wycherley. In 1939 they were living at 60 Jeffcock Road, Wolverhampton, along with Ian's younger brother John.
Died of wounds 22nd September 1944 aged 20 during an attack to clear and cross the canal at Someren, Netherlands, the attack was successful, but 25 men were killed and 35 wounded.
V. B. 3. Mierlo War Cemetery, Netherlands.

Also on the Memorial is recorded a casualty of the Korean War.

Stone Eric Corporal 5735032
8th Bn. King's Royal Irish Hussars
Born 1st July 1923 in Wolverhampton; in 1939 he was living with his mother Leah and older brother Alfred at 24 Fisher Street, Wolverhampton. He was employed as an apprentice plumber.
Died 12 August 1951 aged 28.
Grave Reference 70.9.7844.
UN Memorial Cemetery, Pusan, South Korea.


I would like to thank Roy Evans for providing the photographs.